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“Helping you protect your property with specialist environmental, pest control services”
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Each and every case of pest control is different. We know this through experience. So we would always recommend picking up the phone to make an enquiry in any circumstance with any company.

Contact us on 9311158006 You can see a list of the postcodes we cover for pest control in Delhi NCR, INDIA

Domestic Pest Control

Occasional, your home may attract unwanted visitors in the form of pests; this can especially be the case for those with gardens. Rats and mice seek warmth and food during cold temperatures. Wasps may decide to make their nests within your home which can cause much distress to your family.

Training ants in large numbers can be very difficult to manage; insects may also infest food cupboards. Squirrels and pest birds can be a great annoyance with the disturbance they cause.

Commercial Pest Control

Pest control is a legal requirement in many industries. Rodent and insect pests pose a real threat to human health in any business and therefore should not be tolerated. Rodents can fatally damage your telephone and computer systems, correcting such damage can be costly.

Pest birds nesting or perching on your business premises can cause structural damage and even create slip hazzards and a risk to human health due to diseases contained within their feces, feathers and nesting materials.

Greenlife Pest Control in Delhi specialise in the control of bed bugs. Bed bugs can be tricky to eradicate. We offer a completely discreet service with unmarked vehicles. Our technicians are fully qualified and highly skilled. We guarantee elimination. If you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to give our team in Delhi a call . We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What to expect from LPC

Here at Greenlife Pest Control, our pest controllers are not sales people. All of our professionals carry an identification card so that you know you are in the hands of a competent, qualified professional.

After assessment, they will quote you for the most appropriate treatment plan necessary to eliminate the problem. In most cases, after agreeing the treatment plan with you, they can begin work immediately. However, if needed, appointments can be booked for a time better suited to you.

At Greenlife Pest Control, our focus is your satisfaction; we achieve this through finding and implementing a solution as quickly as possible, using only industry leading insecticides and rodenticides and doing our best to ensure an overall quality service.