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“Helping you protect your property with specialist environmental, pest control services”
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Services would be offered by us at different locations such as rooms in residential, offices, restaurant areas, storage, administration block, engineering and A/C plant, banquet halls, spa area, drainage, canal area will vary as per monthly and quaterly basis.

The scheduling of operations would be done as per the consent of the client and time with advance information, which can be mutually decided upon.


These are environment friendly products which are bio degradable/ less toxic and not a human hazard and others are as stated and certified by the Govt. directives which are non smelly in nature. These medicine are in different forms such as powder, gel, paste, granules, cake, liquid, sticky pads etc.



M/s Green Life Pest Controls would provide the Manpower. We would give operation boys medicine and equipments such as pumps and other related equipments. These boys would be in Uniform with their respective name badges/ company’s ID tag.

Points to remember / suggestion

To keep the premises clean n clear of garbage. Even the litter boxes / garbage / trashcans to be separated from glass items, papers or recycled and food wastage. The waste bins could be kept in covered areas/ indoors, so that it doesn’t attracts birds, cats, dogs etc.

Drainage lids to be tightly placed, as this would protect from insects, rats etc. to come out. Also pipes that lead to drainage, underground tanks must have a grill-based lid to avoid infiltration of insects.

Food storage area should have closed rooms ( In Commercial Area) and covered in cabinets with proper care and airtight boxes, bins etc. as chances of pests would be minimum.

The ‘Main door or entrance door’ must have least gaps between floor and the base of the door to avoid any crawling insect to slip in, especially during rainy season