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Green Treatment (Cockroaches)

In just one treatment most cockroaches are controlled and their growth is also arrested, however periodic application spread over 12 services in a year (In Commercial Area) & quarterly services (Residential Area) necessary to keep them away from existence. Herbal treatment normally last better and longer then sprays, as sprays only covers area or visible infected location. Herbal solution which is paste/ gel based are placed in the all the corners such as behind cabinets, drawers, storage areas all such hide out places where cockroaches find their natural hideouts. Since the medicine applied stays there for long the affect is also longer. The growth and the multiplication of the insects also don’t happen after the treatment. It’s not a repellant but attractant. Does not repel or drive away, once taken it carries the medicine to the nest, inviting others and driving them away in the process and in process destroys their habitat.

Rodent Treatment

When treated with GREEN LIFE TREATMENT on monthly / Bi-monthly basis or depending upon infected area, once treated are first controlled and eradicated from time to time. The Herbal granules and baits are placed at different locations/ corners where it is more seen. Since Rats has tendency to multiply and are very acrobatic in nature, repeated check is also required. This can be in the varied form of medicine applied such as herbal granules, powder, cake form etc., herbal sprays also works on them. This acts as a repellent. And if required Pads are also placed to trap them at different places.

General Pest Treatment

We also treat in ants, dust mites, mosquito and other pests. The infected areas are sprayed or injected with medicine to take care of insects, mosquitoes and ants. Odourless sprays works better on small insects which lasts up to one month or even more. Special herbal medicine can also be used while mopping to take care of crawling insects, which can keep the pests at bay. These medicines can be applied on regular basis by housekeeping while mopping. This again acts as repellent and keeps the atmosphere clean and bacteria free. Different medicines are available in liquid, gel, sticky pad form to attracts crawling pests, flies etc. where they get stuck and gets traped, this can be desposed off.